Celebrating Eid with Grandma’s الجريش in Saudi Arabia…

Being in Melbourne has given me the opportunity to know people with different cultural backgrounds and with many stories behind. Last year I had the opportunity to meet my friend Alanoud, who comes from Saudi Arabia and moved to Melbourne to study a Master degree in Marketing.

Anoud’s meaningful story is from a traditional dish which name in English is “Jarish” but originally is spelled الجريش


Jarish, ground wheat, is a very common food item used in many dishes in Saudi Arabia, mixed with Egyptian rice and chicken, and decorated with fry the chopped onion.


Anoud remembers Jarish as a very important and meaningful dish in her life since it remembers of her grandmother, who year after year has cooked it for Eid.



 “Preparing this dish takes around 3 to 4 hours, and is delicious. I remember my grandmother cooking it for us every single year when we all got together to celebrate Eid”


As we kept talking I was curious about Eid celebration, so I asked her to explain me more about it, which encouraged an Indonesian friend to join our conversation since he also celebrates Eid in his country.


“Eid is a religious holiday where families and relatives get together every year to celebrate together… Each year is celebrated in a different time and date. It is the end of the fasting month. Is like a “Christmas” celebration for you…”

Eid al-Adha (Id ul-Adha) is a four-day Islamic festival starting on the 10th day of the month of Dhul Hijja (Thou al-Hijja) to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Eid with Grandma’s الجريش in Saudi Arabia…

  1. Hello,
    Jraish is one of all time favorite food !! especially, in winter.
    thank you for sharing the story with us.


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